What is Fitslim?

FitSlim is an intense cardio workout that uses ground-breaking technology to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals faster than ever before.

Our FitSlim Pods fuse the mechanisms of a traditional treadmill with infrared-light technology, vacuum resistance and colour therapy to enable you to slim down, get fit and feel amazing.

Each of the components brings a district health benefit to the FitSlim pods configuration to accelerate the achievement of health, weight-loss and fitness goals.



“Clever-cardio, for busy people.” 


To make it is easier for busy people to slim down, get fit and feel amazing. 

What is a ‘Smart Gym’?

Smart gyms use science and data to deliver accelerated fitness and weight loss outcomes in a safe, welcoming environment.

While traditional exercise machines rely heavily on dated technology, our FitSlim Pods incorporate the latest development in exercise science to offer you a superior exercising experience and minimise the duration of your fitness journey.

Weight-loss goals can be painfully slow to achieve through traditional exercise, here at FitSlim we want to make it easier for busy everyday people to slim down, get fit and feel amazing.



What is Fitslim?
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